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Call Log / Fire Log     Records 1 to 2 of 2
Case # Date Reported Nature Occurred
220600000009 6/26/2022 Fire Alarm- Supervisory
LOCATION: West Village - 1 - 100 Odum Circle
220500000012 5/28/2022 Fire Alarm-
LOCATION: Lucille Hall - 212 Gerow Hodges Drive
The law requires the log must include: (1) the date the fire was reported, (2) the nature of the fire, (3) the date and time of the fire. (4) the general location of the fire. This Fire Log is generated with data from the Call-Log and is based on the "Nature of Call" FIRE for the current and previous years with the "Disposition" of UNFOUNDED excluded. The Occurred field is "UserFieldOne", the Nature field is "UserFieldTwo", and the Log field is "UserFieldThree".